Toys that will become part of your family

About Just Great Toys

We are a family run online toy shop !

In setting up the site we wanted to offer well designed top quality brands of gifts & toys from Europe and further afield, to give you a great shopping experience.

When choosing products we look for great design, something a little out of the ordinary.  We want to offer products that you will want to give to either your own children and grandchildren, but just as importantly as a gift.  We want that wow! factor of giving a gift and the recipient being really pleased with it.

We find that, by choosing the correct partners based on the quality of the design, the quality of the products naturally follows.  We have sourced fair trade wooden toys and soft dolls , and the other wooden toys and games all come from sustainable sources. Our partners also include sales partners, and we are pleased to be listed on ToyshopUK

So we’ve got Just Great Design, Just Great Quality, and we aim to add  the Just Great Service.

We hope you enjoy the ranges of toys we have chosen, and if you want us to add something, just let us know.

Meet the team:


Julie does all the financial stuff

Julie does all the financial stuff

Martin does most of the other stuff

We’re not sure what Henry does – guard dog?


Julie & Martin