In setting up Just Great Toys we wanted to offer our customers toys and gifts which could not be found on every High Street, had a point of difference, and, importantly, we would be happy to give as presents.

Education was also important to us, we wanted products which will help the children develop, which usually means that the parent or carer spends time with the child explaining the toy or game, and actually playing with the child.  You won’t find toys where you stick a child in front of a screen while you do your jobs on our site!

Lanka Kade ticked all the boxes for us. The toys are designed in the UK, and produced in Sri Lanka.  The team at Lanka Kade have spent time in the country, meeting the people who produce their toys, and offering them training and support in establishing their own businesses to become a supplier for Lanka Kade. The company offers interest free loans to their producers, and are recognised as a fair trade supplier.

The packaging will show some information about the artisan who actually produced the toy.  This will often show that they have established a business with Lanka Kade’s help, and employ family members or neighbours in their village.

The wooden toys and puzzles are made using responsibly sourced rubber wood.  The design is sent to the artisan, who makes the toy by hand, and then paints it by hand.  In this way, the actual finished products will never be exactly the same. Prototype designs have even been changed to ensure better productivity for the producer.

We stock very simple puzzles which have big chunky pieces, ideal for small hands, which younger children can build. In this range we have mother and baby animal puzzles, showing a mother and her youngster.

Continuing with the education theme, we offer number puzzles, 1-5, 1-10 and 1-25.  Using these, the child can make the puzzle by following the numbers, or by fitting the correct pieces together, or perhaps with the parent’s help, by colour, as each piece has a different colour. Similarly, the alphabet jigsaws are a fun way to help children learn.

Lanka Kade also offers larger wooden construction kits, building into a farm, zoo, Noah’s ark or big red bus. These help hand eye coordination in the building, them open ended play when the figures are introduced into the set.

Rag dolls are always popular, and we offer a range of handmade dolls with different skin tones – brown,. White and black – and hair colours. Your children can have the whole family as we have mum and dad, girl and boy dolls. The cotton fabric is woven by hand, with acyrilic hair and polyester filling. The clothes are also handmade cotton, so although each doll wears , for instance a dress in the mum’s case , the actual dress patterns will not be exactly the same.

We hope that you will also enjoy the @LankaKade range, and if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us at