in setting up Just Great Toys we wanted to offer our customers toys and gifts which could not be found on every High Street, had a point of difference, and, importantly, we would be happy to give as presents. Education was also important to us, we wanted products which will help the children develop, which usually means that the parent or carer spends time with the child explaining the toy or game, and actually playing with the child.  You won’t find toys where you stick a child in front of a screen while you do your jobs on our site!

We were attracted to the Pathfinders range as it offers  challenging construction kits which are not the standard Lego, Meccano etc, aimed at older children.

The wooden models are designed in Canada.  The kits use pre cut wooden shapes, and ( obviously!) come with full instructions. Sandpaper and glue, where necessary, are also supplied.

The Da Vinci range is based on designs of the great Leonardo Da Vinci contained in his 15th century manuscripts. History has shown that he was a genius way before his time, and now you can make working models based on his designs.

Da Vinci’s aerial screw design showed the idea of a horizontal rotor which would lift an object, which centuries late became the helicopter. His Ornithopter design is  a pre cursor to powered flight, and this kit even comes with its own crash test dummy.

He was also a military engineer, and the Pathfinders range includes a model of the Da Vinci tank. This was a wheeled construction , powered by men, which housed 12 cannon, and had a domed roof to protect the soldiers inside.

The Italian genius also designed static structures.  His simple portable bridge design was used for centuries to provide a temporary bridge which was easily erected and dismantled.  The Pathfinders range also offers a catapult and a siege engine, both of which will actually hurl objects across the room!

A very popular kit in this range is the robotic arm, another wooden kit, which uses water filled hydraulics to lift and move objects. A new addition to the Just Great Toys site is the Hydraulic Gearbot, which uses hydraulics and gears to lift and rotate, and is also a catapult!

As our children become more sedentary and attracted to screen based activities, we hope that you will agree with us that it is important to encourage children to learn through play. If you give your child a challenging construction kit, and also your time to help them understand it, imagine how rewarding it is for the child to see the fruit of their labours.

There is an initiative in schools to encourage learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and this superb range of Pathfinders kits are ideally suited for these  STEM activities. The wooden kits will help children understand construction, hand eye co-ordination, and once built, free play.

We hope that you will also enjoy the Pathfinders range, and if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us at