What do we want our children and grandchildren to be playing with? Do we want to plonk our kids in front of a TV, or give them a laptop or tablet and leave them to play games? Or do we want to give them a toy which will encourage them to explore?
In setting up our new web site we didn’t have to think about this for too long. While we totally agree that electronic toys have their place, we believe that more emphasis should be placed on the traditional play value of wooden toys, board games and craft toys.
We are offering a carefully selected number of brands which offer great design. Some of these will be well known to most visitors to the site, Lanka KadeHaba and perhaps Oskar & Ellen, but we are also offering the lovely plush toys from the American brand Mary Meyer, and others.
The products on offer include wooden toys suitable for babies, toddlers, and for older children who can play with the construction kits- recreating Da Vinci’s designs or making dinosaur models. We also place great emphasis on the educational aspect of toys, check the number and alphabet jigsaws.
Our soft toys really show the importance we put on great quality, you will be happy to give them to the youngest baby in the house. We also offer a range of fair trade dolls made in Sri Lanka.
What we aim to add is the great service, so from your first contact to receiving your order we hope you will get the service you expect from a shop you will want to return to again and again.
Welcome to Just Great Toys, where we offer you just great design, just great quality and just great service!
Julie and Martin.